We advise, you decide

Concern about the healthy development of their unborn child brings many pregnant women to our medical practice. Perhaps you are one of the patients who found out about options for prenatal diagnostics from their gynaecologist?

We understand the worries and anxieties of a pregnant woman and we want to answer your questions in as much detail as possible. During a pregancy it is possible to carry out various additional medical examinations to achieve more safety for you and your unborn child.
Of course, we will help you to find out which treatment methods are best for you and your baby.
If you have any further questions that are beyond the scope of antenatal medicine and our consultation expertise, we can recommend you to specialists with whom we work together closely: for example human geneticists, paediatric cardiologists as well as psychosocial advisory services. We can put you in touch with advice centres such as Donum Vitae, church welfare and social work, as well as various self-help groups, and organize all scheduled appointments for you.