Welcome to our medical practice for prenatal medicine and ultrasound diagnostics

Discovering you are pregnant is an exciting and deeply moving experience, but during your pregnancy, worries and questions may arise that trouble you.

Many of our patients are having a high risk pregnancy because of their age, obstetric history, abnormal ultrasound finding or even a health condition of their own.  Most of them seek for clarification and counselling in our practice.
Ultrasound is our most important tool for a well-founded prenatal diagnosis.
The modern technical equipment in our medical practice, as well as Dr. Reihs’ years of professional experience allows us to carry out the necessary treatments immediately, if required.
On the base of examination data we are able to give you individual and detailed information about your pregnancy.
Please note that even using excellent technical equipment in detailed and careful ultrasound examination it is not possible to completely rule out all fetal malformations and diseases.